UFO Drone in DC

UFO Drone on DC Beltway Photo

UFO Drone on DC Beltway Photo UFO DRONE PHOTO On Wednesday June 12,2012, drivers on the Maryland highway I-495 saw a Northrup Grumman drone being hauled on a flatbed tractor trailer. Unfortunately, some panicked by the sight of the unconventional UFO shaped aircraft and recent release of the movie the Men in Black 3 did…


Muppets Blooper Video

Muppets Blooper Video This Muppets out takes video is entitled, “The Longest Blooper Reel Ever (Well At Least in Muppet History) *We Think”. While its not the game of thrones muppets, but Kermit the frog, Miss Piggy, Animal, Gonzo, Fozzi the Bear are pretty funny in this. Kermit the frog

Island Russkiy Bridge

Extreme Heights On Russian Island Bridge

Extreme Heights On Russian Island Bridge I believe this new Russian bridge (Island Russkiy) is located in Vladivostok. The 350 meter pylons stretch between Golden Horn and Russian Island over Bay Fedorov. The back story is that these kids found some helmets and safety gear and climbed up the bridge construction without being stopped by…

skyfall poster james bond

SKYFALL New James Bond Trailer with spoiler details

SKYFALL New James Bond Trailer The latest James Bond movie, Skyfall, is in post-production and scheduled for release later this year. It features actor Daniel Craig in the twenty-third James Bond film. Sam Mendes directs Neal Purvis’s script. It stars celebrities Javier Bardem, Ralph Fiennes, Naomie Harris, and Albert Finney. Skyfall Plot Spoiler The Brit…

Chris Brown Bombs At Billboard Awards Show

Chris Brown Bombs At Billboard Awards Show Chris Brown performs “Turn Up The Music” complete with really bad lip syncing and dance moves guaranteed to get Adam Lambert hot. Even the pop artist Pink thought Chris Brown’s act was synced.

Biologist Attacked By Gator

Biologist Attacked By Gator What happens when a 300 pound alligator meets a biologist who thinks he knows what he is doing? It’s not going to be pretty. This match was filmed by a local fire department. In one corner is a 10 foot long gator sunny itself versus a frail old biologist in Carteret…